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Industrial Hemp - For a sustainable future

Ecofibre Industries Operations Pty Ltd (EIO) is an Australian agricultural industry company, producing sustainable hemp fibre for national and export industry. Ecofibre Industries is Australia's leading hemp research, development and commercialisation company, involved in all aspects of the bast fibre value chain.

About Hemp

Ecofibre Industries Operations Pty. Ltd. (EIO or ‘Ecofibre’) is a sustainable material company developing the markets and production capacity of a new raw material – Industrial Hemp (Cannabis sativa). The Company researches, tests, owns and commercialises new technologies and plant types that make it possible to grow, process and supply hemp based bio-commodities to industry more economically than has previously been possible.  Ecofibre is a major part of a Group on interrelated network of companies worldwide that perform different functions in bringing a new material resource called bio-commodities to industry and ultimately consumers that are unlimited, renewable, sustainable and cost effective.

Hemp Bio-Commodities

Hemp bio-commodities are the processed fractions of hemp stalks. The outer fibre (bast) and interior pith (hurd) can be processed in many ways to produce raw materials, or a significant component, in a multiplicity of manufactured products. Hemp based bio-commodities have many formats, from crude raw fibrous material through to a highly refined fibre and treated cellulose materials.

Ecofibre’s primary role within the Group is to develop a full supply chain network for the production of bio-commodities to feed both domestic and export markets wherever the opportunity and ability to grow hemp exists. The secondary role is to develop plant types adapted to temperate, sub-tropical and tropical regions worldwide.